Thursday’s Thoughts

I’m not sure about every other Music Therapist out there, but I find one of my greatest joys to be the families of my clients. These are some amazing people with so much love in their hearts! I absolutely love being around them! I find joy and encouragement in being around them. I love how involved they want to be and are, not only in my sessions, but in every aspect my clients’ lives. I admire the time, energy, and love that they pour out on their children (or siblings). I am encouraged by their endurance.  And I praise them! I praise them for their vulnerability, their drive, and the way they embrace every moment!

I love when I am finished with a session and a parent wants to talk! I enjoy hearing their hearts. I look forward to hearing all that they have to say! And I pray, to even a small degree, that I can encourage them in those few moments as well.

What a gift God has given me in the lives of these families!



Thursday’s Therapist

Hey Blogosphere!


       So, here at Rhythm & Rehab we are going to be starting a few new posts. The first of which will be Thursday’s Therapist. This will be a time for you to see what one of our therapists is up to on a rotating schedule. We hope you will enjoy keeping up with us! So, check back in next Thursday to see what Paula Scicluna is up to!




Music Therapy Awareness!

This month is almost over. Can you believe it? In just under two weeks the month of April will begin and MUSIC THERAPY AWARENESS MONTH will be over! What have you done to spread the news! Music is here to help us heal! People are in need, and we have answers. Let’s get to it!

Taken from the SER-AMTA Facebook Page:


Join the SER-AMTA in our grass roots effort to help others become more aware about the benefits of music therapy!

During the month of March we are asking you to:

  • Give a presentation on music therapy to other professionals, clinics, groups, or organizations!

  • Become an advocate for music therapy by listing facts and the benefits of music therapy on your social media sites!

  • Talk to your local media and share the benefits and/or testimonies of music therapy!

  • Hold a community event to benefit a music therapy program!

  • Hang a banner/sign above your business to let your patients know that March is Music Therapy Awareness Month!

  • Talk with local schools about presenting to students on a career in music therapy!

  • Join AMTA and help educate other professionals on the benefits of AMTA!




Contact Jennifer W. Puckett MT-BC at for more information
and share the ways you will spread
music therapy awareness during the month of March!”

What We Are All About!

Since its beginning in 2006, Rhythm & Rehab’s mission is to use God’s gift of music to unlock potential and maximize strengths for those challenged with developmental and neurological disabilities. Center-based services are provided in Raleigh and Durham for private clients as well as contract services for organizations around the Triangle including the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, Frankie Lemmon Developmental Center, Durham Parks & Recreation, Camellia Gardens Assisted Living and The Heritage of Raleigh – Assisted Living. 


Offering four tiers of services, Rhythm & Rehab has a program that will best meet the needs of your loved one. Whatever the age, whatever the need, we’ve got you covered!

Neurologic Music Therapy Services – Individual and group sessions designed to zero in on motor, cognitive, speech/language and social skills using standardized and research-based techniques (ages 5 through geriatrics)

Adapted Piano – a fusion of piano lessons with music therapy techniques designed to teach piano skills as well as developmental skills such as attention span, fine motor and visual tracking (recommended for ages 8 and above)

Musical Theatre – for teens and adults who love the stage, “Broadway Unlimited!” provides a fun, social setting to sing, act and move

Early Childhood – inclusive child-centered classes for children and their parents/caregivers combine mindful observations and responsive interactions with the joy of movement and music

(ages Birth-4)